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My hand-picked variety of services are my passion and have allowed me to feel my best and beautiful on my own individual journey of self and self confidence.  I'm certain I can get you the look you thought was impossible, all while taking care of your every need, always attuned to your taste and preferences. Why not make your daily routine easier? Schedule a consultation with me today!


If you have thin or light-colored eyebrows or one of the many medical conditions that cause eyebrow hair loss, like alopecia, or just want the brow of your dreams, microblading is for you!  I am professionally certified to create the brow you may not have been born with, but the one unique and beautiful only to you that will frame your face, open your eyes, and gift you in waking up polished and gorgeous!  My Microblading produces a natural-looking feathery brow, and results can last for up to 3 years, You will love your new look and wonder how you ever lived without this perfect facial accessory!

Eyebrow Treatment
Applying Lipstick

Makeup Application

Getting married? Do you have a big event coming up that you need to look your absolute best?! I have helped countless individuals feel more confident and happier in their own skin beginning as an AVEDA makeup artist 15 years ago.  I have stayed passionately on top of industry trends including products and tools combining ageless and modern techniques creating THE look you thought you could only wish for!  I'll make it happen, from a natural beauty to your most glamorous self. I will work closely with you to understand exactly what you're looking for and ensure you get  those results. Groups are more than welcome to schedule!

Custom Spray Tanning

It’s time to let your inner glow shine through! When you step inside O'C Beauty, I'll treat you like the goddess you are! I start by blending an airbrush spray tan solution individually tailored to you! I'll consider your skin type, hair color, and eye color to achieve your ideal shade of bronze. Whether you're getting married, have a photoshoot, a glamorous event, or like me, want a healthy glow ALL year round, O'C Beauty is the golden answer!  Groups and Wedding Parties are more than welcome!  

Beauty visual about suntan. Model's face divided in parts - tanned and natural.Different t
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